kwaak3 - quake 3 for Android


The game is controlled using the keyboard, touch screen and trackball (if available). The most important controls are:

* Movement: a/s/w/d, up/down arrows
* Look: touch screen, trackball and left/right arrows
* Shooting: Alt / D-pad center / tap on screen / trackball
* Tilde (quake3 console): search button
* Escape: back button


* Download the kwaak3.apk from the download section and install it on your phone. (Note you need at least Android 1.6)
* Create a directory quake3 in the root of your sdcard and also create a baseq3 directory inside it.
* Copy pak0.pk3 of your Quake3 CD (or from the demo) to the quake3/baseq3 directory.
* Download the Quake3 1.32 point release and copy pak1-pak8.pk3 to quake3/baseq3
* Start the game :)

Last Updated:2010-02-27 18:14:39
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OS:Android OS

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